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Criminal Defense Investigations

Every competent legal defense is grounded in hard evidence, witness testimony, forensics, or expert testimony. For a defendant and the defense counsel, obtaining this evidence is crucial in mounting any reasonable defense in a court of law. Our team of Investigators provide a wide range of civil and criminal investigations for attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public. 

Our investigative methodology is firmly based in the Component Method of Investigation. Our policy is to obtain truthful, accurate, timely, information through legal, qualified, and professional investigative means.  Our attention to detail, and work ethic set us apart as one of the best firms in the business. W.A. Monroe & Associates Investigations, is one of the nation’s fastest rising criminal defense investigative firms. Our firm specializes in investigating, and assisting counsel in preparing criminal cases through the preliminary-hearing process and/or through jury trails.  

We provide critical and essential forensic investigation practices into all aspects of the defense case to include location of witnesses, gathering statements of witnesses, evaluations, evidence collection, review of police records and personnel files, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigations, trial exhibit preparation, document analysis, and regional canvassing.

We assist attorneys by reviewing police reports, photographing crime or accident scenes, interviewing hostile witnesses, obtaining signed and recorded (court ready, transcribed,) statements, and prepare documents for demonstrative. 

Our firm will help develop that reasonable doubt that may lesson or win your clients freedom. Our trained team of board certified investigators will assist you in preparing and developing your defense.  As criminal defense investigators, we excel in defending the accused against an adversary that has almost unlimited sources of tax money to pursue the prosecution. Let us provide you with

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