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William A. Monroe LPI, CCDI, CFSI 

Qualified Manager/Director of Investigations

W. A. Monroe & Associates Investigation CA PI:  #27594

825 9th Street Professional Plaza, Suite H
Marysville, CA  95901
Phone:  (916) 290-7583 ∙ Fax:  (916) 669-8457

           Mr. Monroe is the Director of Investigations/Qualified Manager of  W. A. Monroe & Associates Security Consulting and Investigations. Mr. Monroe was born in Connecticut, and after graduating high school began a career in the Security Police Career field with the United States Air Force. During his time with the Air Force, Mr. Monroe served in several law enforcement and Security capacities including canine handler, trainer, kennel master, Security Force Supervisor, Patrol Supervisor, Desk Sergeant, Federal Executive and Dignitary Protection Detail Supervisor, Special Investigations Joint Drug Enforcement Team member, Anti-Terrorism Response Team Leader, and Department of Defense Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Team Leader.  Mr. Monroe is a diligent and highly skilled criminal investigations professional with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. Mr. Monroe is a consummate professional, with a proven track record investigating criminal law, family law, and civil plaintiff negligence cases. His passion for the Constitution and the legal process, coupled with his strong desire to seek out the truth in every case are unparalleled.

           Mr. Monroe is a California Licensed Professional Investigator with over 10 years of professional investigative experience, ranging from insurance fraud investigations, felony three strike cases, to capital murder cases.  Mr. Monroe is an expert in Criminal Defense Investigation and specializes in capital case mitigation, police procedure and use of force, K-9 search and seizure, and K-9 narcotics and explosives detection. He has superior investigative abilities coupled with comprehensive skills in forensic interviewing, forensic photography, crime scene examination, blood spatter detection, recognition, and analysis, and preparing and presenting accurate facts.         

          Mr. Monroe is a Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC) board trained and certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI).  He is also a CDITC board trained and certified Forensic Science Investigator (CFSI).  Mr. Monroe is also a (CDITC), board trained and certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI-FTER).  Mr. Monroe completes 12-24 Continued Learning and Education (CLE) credits per year.

          Mr. Monroe serves on the faculty and training advisory board as a cadre Instructor for the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC), Center for Investigative Studies, where he teaches the National Defense Investigators Academy.

          Mr. Monroe is a highly motivated individual, who is extremely effective in the most stressful situations.  He possesses well-developed administrative and organizational skills and has an unparalleled ability to effectively prioritize, and manage a broad range of litigation/Investigation related responsibilities and functions.  He will ensure that objective, fair, and legal methods are utilized to facilitate his clients cases through honest and procedurally sound investigations.

           Mr. Monroe holds an Associate's of Science degree (AS) from the Community College Of The Air Force in Police Science/Industrial Security.  He holds a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree from Ashford University in Social and Criminal Justice. Mr. Monroe holds a Master's of Science degree (MSCJ) in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Forensic Science from Ashford University.  Mr. Monroe is currently a first year post graduate doctoral student pursuing a PhD. in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law and Public Policy from Walden University.

           Mr. Monroe's education, experience, leadership, and work ethic make him your obvious investigative choice for success.


William A. Monroe, LPI, CCDI, CFSI, CFI-FTER
Board Certified Criminal Defense/Forensic Science Investigator

825 9th St. Professional Plaza Suite H
Marysville, CA 95901


Licensed California Professional Investigator CA PI# 27594

Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator  (CCDI)

Board Certified Criminal Forensic Science Investigator (CFSI)

Serves on the faculty and training advisory board as a cadre Instructor for the Criminal

Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC), Center for Investigative Studies.

Lecturer, trainer, public speaker

Expert in Criminal Defense Investigation specializing in capital case mitigation, police procedure and use of force, K-9 search and seizure, and K-9 narcotics and explosives detection.

Comprehensive skills in forensic interviewing, forensic photography, crime scene examination, blood spatter detection, recognition,  and analysis, forensic testimonial evidence recovery, and preparing and presenting accurate facts

Extensive knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, and the democratic political process.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

20 years of progressively upper-level Security and Law Enforcement management experience.

Unrivaled leadership abilities coupled with superior strategic planning, personnel training, relationship management, public speaking and problem-solving.

Industry designations and affiliations (CCDI, CFSI, LPI, CALI, CDITC, NDIA)

Can communicate on all levels of the spectrum

Can  testify in court to introduce investigation findings; write detailed investigation reports; transcribe audio recordings

Strong analytical skills and demonstrated intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness

Experience working in a high drive litigation/investigative environment

Strong people skills, including experience working effectively and respectfully with individuals from diverse backgrounds

Demonstrated skill in building trust with individuals and drawing out their stories, and excellent judgment in handling confidential and sensitive issues

Demonstrated ability in  working multiple cases at the same time, setting  priorities, managing work, and meeting deadlines

Demonstrated ability in making  sound decisions, and managing groups of investigators with demanding caseloads

Demonstrated ability in collecting  and using forensic evidence in case review and analysis to support defense theory.

Work Experience:

W .A. Monroe & Associates Investigations

Director Of Investigations/Qualified Manager
JUNE 2011 - PRESENT,  Sacramento California

Responsible for overall management of the firm to achieve  client satisfaction

Establishes policies, purposes, and goals of the firm

Utilizes experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals  of the firm

Manages organizational operations by directing and coordinating activities consistent with established goals, objectives, and policies of the Investigative Firm

Implements programs to ensure attainment of business plan for growth and profit

Provides direction and structure for the firm

Implements improved processes and management methods to generate higher ROI and workflow optimization

Provides mentoring and guidance to subordinates and other employees

Plans, directs, operates, controls and evaluates the operations of the firm

Conducts and directs investigations, security actions, supervisory inquiries or special investigations of unusual complexity

Analytical Consultants For Security And Investigations (ACSI)

Vice President/Chief Operations Officer
JUNE 2010 - JUNE 2011,  Laverne California

Directly supervised Directors and General Managers.

Was responsible for overall management to achieve customer satisfaction.

Interpreted policies, purposes, and goals of the organization for subordinates.

Utilized experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Was responsible for subordinate employees’ performance reviews.

Managed organization operations by directing and coordinating activities consistent with established goals, objectives, and policies.

Implemented programs to ensure attainment of business plan for growth and profit.

Provided direction and structure for operating field investigative units.

Implemented improved processes and management methods to generate higher ROI and workflow optimization.

Developed and created strategies and policies aligned with organizational goals.

Provides mentoring and guidance to subordinates and other employees.

Planned, directed, operated, controls and evaluates the operations of the Field Offices.

Conducted and directed investigations, security actions, supervisory inquiries or special investigations of unusual complexity.

Oversaw  the investigators mentoring process and counseled employees and assisted them in resolving problems.

Evaluated employee's performance and proposed performance improvement plans and decided minor disciplinary measures and proposed other disciplinary and/or removal actions.

Followed direction set by Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.

Analytical Consultants For Security And Investigations (ACSI)

Director Western Regional Operations
JUNE 2009 - JUNE 2010,  Laverne California

Planned, directed, operated, controlled and evaluated the operations of the Field Office.

Determined scope, timing, and direction of investigations.

Developed relationships with clients in order to obtain cases.

Prepared reports that detailed investigation findings.

Provided direction and guidance to the operational activities of the organization with the objective of maximizing growth and profitability as well as day-to-day leadership and management to all company regional operations functions.

Prepared daily investigative notes/reports in an efficient, cohesive and chronological manner.

Performed field work as needed

Provided evidence and testified in civil and criminal cases related to investigations.

Conducted and directed investigations, security actions, supervisory inquiries and special investigations of unusual complexity.

Oversaw 3 investigators, responsible for the mentoring process

Counseled employees and assisted them in resolving problems

United States Air Force (USAF)

NCOIC Standardizations and Evaluations

JANUARY 2005- DECEMBER 2008,  Beale AFB, California

Responsible for evaluating over 265 Law Enforcement and Security personnel’s, planning, training, scheduling, and management.

Inspector General Team Member for installation exercises and evaluation scenarios

Determined and enforced individual behavior standards for assigned personnel

Identified, tracked and  reported substandard behavior within the squadron, analyzed trends and determined areas for improvement

Provided for security forces standardization/evaluation (Stan/Eval) program testing and inspections

Advised and assisted senior leadership and commanders in meeting program requirements for the base and DOD’S above ground weapons storage area.

Coordinated inspections, performed standardization/evaluation testing functions, documented findings and corrected deficiencies in the security standard/evaluation program.

Performed administrative and coordinative duties for the Stan/Eval program to include: developing local directives, policies, and instructions.

Coordinated with management to determine testing requirements and prepare Training Exercise Evaluation Outlines (TEEOS) and task performance checklists.

Coordinates with the unit training section to schedule complementary training programs

Prepared and delivered Wing level briefings.

Implemented/evaluated programs for maximum protection of over $6 billion in resources vital to future defense efforts

Ensured oversees compliance with general/technical standards mandated by applicable directives

Annually inspected all  Security Police functional areas and work centers with over 30 programs to ensure 100% accountability and accuracy, and ensure all files and records were technically compliant with directives

Had access to classified information and was responsible for ensuring the reliability of persons who had access to classified information and material and gave instruction on the physical means to store it.

United States Air Force

Information/Industrial Security Program Manager

FEBRUARY 2003- JANUARY 2005,  Beale AFB, California

Maintained information, physical, and industrial security programs for 45 base organizations and tenant units

Performed accreditation surveys for classified open storage facilities.

Provided recommendations on enhancement of existing security procedures and systems in place

Responsible for the in-depth review and revision of Base Physical Security Plans and operating instruction, supplemental changes, enhancing the overall effectiveness of security

Performed numerous threat assessments for Air Force installations and facilities, prepared executive briefings identifying vulnerabilities and provided recommendations for security deficiencies  

Focal point for design and implementation of Installation wide access control, intrusion detection systems and CCTV

Conducted comprehensive physical security/antiterrorism vulnerability assessments of Department of Defense (DoD) installations, stand-alone facilities, and headquarters complexes

Provided threat intelligence briefings to leaders and deployed personnel

Coordinated with Office of Special Investigation on threat related intelligence, provided threat analysis and predicted possible adversary courses of action

Provided detailed reports to installation commanders, DoD Joint Staff leadership, and staff agencies on anti terrorism vulnerabilities with procedural and resource based recommendations to eliminate or mitigate terrorist attack capabilities.

Assessed in detail, Physical Security Plans, Antiterrorism/Force Protection Plans, and Terrorism Consequence Management (Emergency Management) Plans.

United States Air Force

Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC)

Military Working Dog Section (MWD)

JANUARY 2001- FEBRUARY 2003,  Vandenberg AFB, California

Directly responsible to chief of security forces for properly managing the Military Working Dog program

Trained and supervised MWD, handlers, and related personnel in all Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

Coordinated with representatives from DoD agencies; various Federal agencies and law enforcement organizations; representatives from private industry; and technical experts in the field of canine psychology, physiology, and training to exchange technical information, and to plan and coordinate curriculum

Developed training activities, and exercises for 10 assigned dog teams

Maintained daily interaction with the Wing staff and conducted briefings on MWD training levels, capabilities, and deployment status to the Wing Commander.

Responsible for all training and ensured that all MWD teams’ proficiency was maintained.

Supervised the care and feeding of dogs, coordinated training and duty schedules, ensured that administrative, accountability, and medical records were maintained.

Obtained all training support equipment and supervised the kennel facility

Responsible for storage and accountability of all training a

Advised the Commander, Operations Officer and Flight Chiefs on proper and effective utilization of military working dog teams

Ensured the military working dog training program is implemented

Provides Department of State and United States Secret Service and Customs with dog team support

Supervised 10 personnel ensured all upgrade ancillary and on-the-job training was conducted.

Maintained the kennel facility ensured its safe and Sanitary and accordance with veterinary guidelines

Conducted military working dog demonstrations for the public insuring dog teams and decoys are trained, and equipped.

Provided emergency explosive detection support for local law enforcement, redefined the response role for MWD's

Seven years as a qualified Military Working Dog Handler USAF.

Managed the daily upkeep and veterinary care for 9 multipurpose canines (MPC), as well as maintained oversight on the Military Working Dog (MWD). Program

Interpreted and adapted guides for application to specific MWD training requirements; independently planned, developed, conducted and evaluated training courses, and determined the training approach and the methodology used in achieving training objectives.

Explosives Detector Dog Handler (EDD) USAF

Narcotics Detector Dog handler (NDD)  USAF

Maintained Air Force training standards for ten military working dog teams

Operationally certified patrol dog teams and validated detector dog teams for probable cause certification

Four years as a certified Department of Defense Kennel Master and Trainer USAF.

United States Air Force                                                            

Flight Chief/Law Enforcement Patrol Supervisor

K-9 Patrol Supervisor

JANUARY 2001- FEBRUARY 2003,  Vandenberg AFB, California

Monitored flight paperwork counseled noncommissioned officers on supervisory issues and schedules

Assigned  post assignments managed the use of assigned personnel and monitored health morale and training

Supervised and  processed cases involving personnel driving under the influence of alcohol

Ensured compliance with procedures, reviewed reports and maintenance and custody of evidence

Managed a 55 person flight implementing security police services and force protection policies and procedures

Planned work schedules, wrote performance reports, decorations and awards

Provided protection and security for the President of the United States and foreign dignitaries while working with the U.S. Secret Service and other Federal Agencies as an Explosives Detector Dog Handler

Conducted thorough and comprehensive explosive searches creating a secure environment for the President United States

Conducted over 3000 K-9 Vehicle traffic stops.

Conducted over 300, probable cause, Narcotic K-9 vehicle searches.

Conducted over 5000, Explosive detection vehicle searches.

Recognized by The U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Federal Bureau Of Investigations (FBI) U.S Customs Service, Department Of Defense (DOD), for expertise while conducting canine searches for drugs and explosives

Successfully completed canine supervisors course at Lackland Air Force Base Texas graduating with a final 93% average

Primary drug and munitions custodian, facility manager and equipment manager

K-9 Training Officer/Supervisor/Handler/Kennel Master

Organized all major tasks, prepped explosive detection teams for United States Secret Service missions

Spearheaded 19 United States Air Force military working dog demonstrations for local, county and community organizations

Worked with the Staff Judge Advocate,  Air Force Office of Special Investigations and Security Forces investigators to identify, process, and report criminal activity,

Security Clearance

SECRET (Needs Re-investigation


Community College of The Air Force (CCAF)
Associates of Science (AS)  Police Science /Industrial Security

Ashford University/ Bachelors Of Arts (BA) Social and Criminal Justice

DECEMBER 2013 - MARCH 2017, SAN DIEGO California, 92123

Ashford University/ Master's of Science (MS) Social and Criminal Justice/Forensics MARCH 2017 - December 2018 SAN DIEGO California, 92123

Awards/Certifications and Formal Coursework:

Relevant Coursework, Licensures and Certifications

Criminal Defense Investigation Training Academy Faculty Instructor

Uncovering Reasonable Doubt -The Component Method  

(40hrs.)  JUNE 2015

National Criminal Defense Investigations Academy CCDI Certification Course

(40 hrs.)  JUNE 2015

National Forensic Science Investigator Academy, Certification Course

(40hrs.)  JULY 2016

Board Certifications:

Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI)

Board Certified Forensic Science Investigator   (CFSI)

Board Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI-FTER)

Academic Lectures/Courses/Trainings Taught:

National Criminal Defense Investigation Academy

Certification Course 2016/2017

Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC) 2017

Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation 2016/17

Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation 2017/2018

Law - Legal Defenses - Defense Theories 2016/17/18

Uncovering Reasonable Doubt Component Methods 1-6 2017- Present

Military Courses Attended:

US Air Force Security Police Academy 1988

US Air Force Air Base Ground Defense School 1988

US Air Force Base Installation Systems Security Course 1988

US Air Force Basic K-9 Handlers Course 1998

US Air Force K-9 Narcotics/Explosives Handlers Course 1998

US Air Force K-9 Supervisor/Kennel Masters Course 2000

DoD Antiterrorism Program Course, 2005                                                                     

Defense Security Service Information Security Management Course, 2005

US Air Force Electronic Systems Security Course, 2007                

L3AZR3P051 0W1A .50 caliber Machine Gun Course 1996

L3AZR3P051 0W2A MK 19 Mod 3 40mm Machine Gun Qualification Course 1996

L3AZR3P071 0E0A Security Forces Electronic Security Systems Operator 2007

L3AZR3P071 0S0A Security Forces Combat Leaders Course 2003

L3OZR31P4 0S0A Integrated Defense Command and Control Course 2003