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Criminal Defense Investigations

Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigation

Peace Of Mind !

William Anthony Monroe, MSCJ 
Investigative Forensic Criminologist

You have the right to have the Police investigation conducted against you, scrutinized to ensure it was conducted lawfully, and is free of errors, inconsistencies, or omissions. 



Our firm specializes in investigating, and assisting counsel in preparing criminal cases through the preliminary-hearing process and/or through jury trials.


Our Board Certified Investigators have decades of experience in all Civil and Criminal Investigative matters. We have access to well over 300 Board Certified Experts across the country who are court recognized experts in capital case mitigation, police procedure and use of force, K-9 search and seizure, and K-9 narcotics and explosives detection, forensic interviewing, forensic photography, crime scene examination, blood spatter detection, recognition, and analysis, and preparing and presenting accurate facts.

We provide our attorney clients with a comprehensive Forensic Case Review and Analysis within 24 to 72 hours after receiving your case information and discovery. We identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, errors, omissions, and leads to be pursued based on police reports, arrest affidavits, statements, and evidence lists.  

Our process facilitates the identification of crucial facts, cross-contamination, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, investigative leads, and alternative theories that tend to be buried and lost within the details of a narrative police reporting style. We will identify leads and develop a lead tracking system of "incriminating facts" and "exculpatory facts", "mitigators" and/or "aggravators", and construct a timeline of events.


We generate a cast of characters and witnesses and compile them into the initial Forensic Case Review And Analysis report, allowing our attorneys and clients,  to make every investigative effort to promptly explore appropriate avenues relevant to the case, and develop a defense strategy with evidence to support it.


We Investigate so that you can litigate!



Level The Playing Field

Board Certified Criminal/Civil Legal Investigators

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