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"We level the playing field"

About Us

" We apply the Component Method of Investigation to every facet and portion of any investigative effort our firm undertakes. It's always a pleasure for us when the methodology works for our clients. It is the central methodology and the core philosophy in every defense investigation that we perform as Board Certified Defense Investigators."  (CCDI’s).  ~ W. Monroe, CCDI~


"Peace Of Mind"


W.A. Monroe & Associates provides our attorney clients with a comprehensive Forensic Case Review and Analysis within 24 to 72 hours after receiving your case information and discovery. We identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, errors, omissions, and leads to be pursued based on police reports, arrest affidavits, statements, evidence lists, etc. While every criminal defense case does not require a criminal defense investigation, all of your cases can benefit from our process of case review and analysis, to assist in deciding which cases warrant further professional investigation, to what extent, and which do not.

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